Our average completion time for a 5,000 Sq. Ft. home is 10-12 months. Contact us today to get started!

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Custom Home Building

At Silver Contracting, we’re not just building houses; we’re crafting custom homes in Colorado that resonate with your individuality, character, and vision. From the initial design ideas to the joyous move-in date, we ensure every step mirrors your aspirations.

Your Premier Custom Home Building Contractor in Colorado

With our rich experience as custom home builders, we recognize the significance of your new home for you and your family. Every facet, be it your budget, design, or timeline, is treated with utmost respect and consideration throughout the custom home construction process.

Communication is our cornerstone. From the nascent stages of planning to the final walkthrough, we foster a transparent dialogue between you, your architect, and engineers. This ensures every custom home feature is meticulously executed, aligning with your vision.

Our dedicated project managers are ever-present on-site, orchestrating every element of your project seamlessly from inception to completion.

For renovations, we’re adept at minimizing disruptions, ensuring a smooth and stress-free metamorphosis of your space.

The City of Lafayette Waneka Lake Boathouse re-build was completed on-time and under-budget thanks to the tireless efforts of Silver Contracting. The attention to detail, willingness to go above and beyond and industry expertise are evident in the quality of the end result. Silver Contracting as an excellent resource in the construction industry and a valued local business.

- Curt Cheesman

Distinctive Designs Tailored for You

Every home-building project is a canvas of uniqueness. Our mission is to transform your dream design ideas into a tangible, exquisite living space for your family. Our keen eye for design, coupled with our commitment to staying abreast of the latest building trends, ensures your home stands out.

Our knack for infusing creativity, character, and beauty will be palpable in every corner of your new home.

Exemplary Design & Construction

The Silver Contracting ensemble comprises industry maestros, each a stalwart in their domain. Our team’s profound knowledge and experience in custom building mean efficiency isn’t just a trait; it’s ingrained in our ethos.

With three decades under our belt, we’ve honed an efficient building process, ensuring your home is not just ready but perfect for your family’s cherished moments.